Monday, 19 April 2010

Well it's very nice to see some reaction and I appreciate all the nice comments. Heather this is boldly going somewhere that I have never been before so I hope I 'get there'. Dr Odes thanks for your nice remarks we do miss you here in Sheffield and I am now having to buy a lot more flowers! Simon keep up the good work (you know what I mean). One of your tea shirts with the Sheffield Day Camp emblem is now in Florida making a very ill seven year old a little happier thanks for donating them to us. Irenie I take it you found out how to comment.

Gosh I'm getting blogged down with all of this.

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  1. Rabbi G, I showed Mrs P your blog this evening whilst watching the leaders debate, she sends love to the whole G family. The 4 little P's are doing well and we had a wonderful Pesach with the big guys leading the singing at the Seder table.

    Love to all.