Sunday, 19 September 2010

Cook Off

An evening was held in June in support of Keren Chanah, a fund that helps Jewish girls to attend Seminaries. My father-in-law and his colleague Rabbi Mordechai Sufrin have been running this for years and every now and then we have helped raise some money. This time my daughter Chayala aided by her sisters all powerhouses of energy decided on a ‘Cook Off’. I’ve never heard of the term before but I soon found out what it meant. Four candidates with culinary skills were asked to make a soup in front of an audience showing ingredients and how the soup is created. New saucepans where kindly donated by David Grunwerg and on the night Dr Alan Anderson, Dr Philip Rubin Mrs Carol Cahm and my mother-in-law Mrs Ruthie Simon duly performed in front of a very respectable crowd. While the soups were cooking Rabbi Sufrin gave a talk praising the role of women in creating a Jewish home. When the soups were ready we were able to sample each one and vote. It’s not important who’s soup got the most votes what is important is that we all had a evening of fun and a nice sum was raised for this important cause. Yasher koach to the ‘soupists’.

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