Thursday, 21 October 2010

Round Sedra Quiz

Some time ago I was listening to the Round Britain Quiz on Radio 4 when I heard a question that was sent in by listener named Kieth Sayliss. Well the name sort of rang a bell and when I met up with him he confirmed it was THE Kieth Sayliss. So I thought if he can do it so can I just the subject matter might be a little different. This set me thinking , what about a Round Sedra Quiz with cryptic questions on the sedra of the week? I tried it out last week in shul and someone suggested that the clue should go on the web so here goes with a question on the sedra of Vayera.

'He will laugh on the New Year but not a terrorist group because neither il nor q'


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  1. Dear Rabbi
    I missed the answer as I was making coffeee, could you please put it in the blog?