Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Evangelical Minister turned Rabbi

Well here I am again with apologies for not posting. My excuse is that I have had a minor operation and since then I have not got back into it so I’m going to try and do Teshuvah by posting some of the past events which should have made it to the blog quite a while ago.

First item was an interesting speaker whom I managed to get at very late notice for Sat night 16th October. Rabbi Ya’akov Efrayim Parisi (pictured here) is a convert and proud of it. After many years as a evangelical minister during which he incurred the wrath of his community and colleagues by constantly gravitating towards traditional Judaism he finally took the plunge (literally) and together with his wife Sarah they became fully fledged Jews. He travels around telling his inspiring story and we were privileged to hear him. I was impressed that the entire audience who turned up that night waited so long and stayed so late to listen to him. He stayed overnight with us and on Sunday I drove him to Nottingham where he was due to speak that evening. I had time to talk to him and all I can say is he is clearly a special soul and very sincere. May the Almighty give him continued strength to continue uplifting his audiences.

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