Sunday, 8 May 2011

Master Cutler Visits the Shul

As mentioned elsewhere on this blog the Master Cutler normally attends the Hospital Sunday Service. This year the current Master Professor William Spiers was unable to do so. But as he also happens to be a close friend and colleague of Steven Mendelssohn the latter was not about to let an opportunity slip through his fingers. So about a month later at Steven’s invitation the Master and Mistress Cutler were treated to a private showing of the synagogue and a light tea together with Hilary and myself. It proved to be a very nice afternoon and in fact they were able to see and have a lot more explained to them than most as there was no service to otherwise occupy us. I presented the Master Cutler with a book by the Chief Rabbi and both he and the Mistress were suitably impressed. They were pleasant and intelligent company and showed genuine interest. I believe that it is our responsibility to pay courtesy and respect to local civic dignitaries and this occasion was such an example.

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